Hey Look, A Resort (Day Six)

We woke up after an arrest-free night on a beautiful sandy beach. Packed up camp and headed into Todos Santos where we drove around for a while, checked out the famous “no, this isn’t the one” Hotel California and witnessed a cowboy on horseback strolling along amongst a surprising amount of traffic. We found a fantastic little outdoor grill that made nothing but huge, delicious quesadillas, where we filled up on a selection of meaty joy and fresh squeezed orange juice and headed back to the Hotel Cerritos Surftown to check in.

Nice view to wake up to!

What a beautiful place! Our rooms were huge and lovely, there was a chilly pool (but we got in it anyway) and we spent the day chatting with other resort residents (many of whom were from the rally) and sipping pina coladas, margaritas, and beers at the swim-up bar. Fantastic restful day.

Mid-afternoon we got the expected notification that the last part of the rally scheduled to finish up in Baja North was…. cancelled. It was just too difficult to start it back up after all that had happened, so the organizer said he’d be waiting for us at the final hotel where we’d have a closing ceremony via Zoom. Anti-climactic, yes, but we were having the time of our lives, so it was just all ok.