Douglas Creek – Sunday 11:00am

Trail Leaders: 

Guy Miner

Meetup Spot: 

The meetup spot for this run is BJ’s Truck Stop in Rock Island. Stop by the Rebelle Rally booth to pick up a map of the location.

Trail Ride Details:

This is a longer run that starts off with a nice climb that descends into the Douglas Creek crossing, after which you’ll travel through a beautiful valley. Well worth the time! This is an all-day run

***NOTE*** Sunday is departure day from the rally, so if you sign up for this trail ride, you will not be returning to the rally location – you’ll pack up everything before the trail ride and head on your way afterward.

There are 8 spots available for pre-registration. Each ticket is per-vehicle, you can bring as many people as can (legally) fit inside that vehicle. There will be a limited number of spots available for signup at the Rally itself. 

Vehicle Requirements:

Vehicles must be in good working order. 4wd and trail-rated tires recommended. Suitable for stock vehicles with decent tires. No size restrictions.  

Fill out the information below to sign up for this trail ride. One submission per truck.

Signing up for a trail ride through Compass Offroad means you assume all risks of damage or injury to yourself, your travel mates, and your vehicle.